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Oconee River Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc.

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The Beaverdam Creek 319 grant has been launched in the Beaverdam Creek watershed in Greene County, Georgia.  Grant work began with water monitoring training for volunteers on June 30.  The monitoring plan has been completed, and public meetings will begin soon.  If you are interested in getting involved please volunteer.  Send us a message using the contact button on the left side menu bar on this page.  Please visit the Beaverdam Creek grant page on this website for important, up-to-date information.  Thank you!

Beaverdam Creek (Greene County) 319 Grant Launched!

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The mission of the Oconee River RC&D is to provide leadership and technical support to the citizens of the Oconee River RC&D Council Area through the conservation, development and proper use of natural and human resources.  Its purpose is to enhance the quality of life and achieve sustainable development throughout the Council Area.

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